Anchors Away Marina

2017 Dock Rental Pricing:
May 1 - October 31, 2018

30' Pier: $1800
30' Shore: $2000
35' Pier: $2000
35' Shore: $2250
40' Shore: $2350

Rates includes water and electricity (30 amps), restrooms, showers
Transient Dockage: (docks marked in blue)
Docking while dining at Crabby's or Crow's is free.

Daily:  $30/night:
  Overnight transient dockage tags can be purchased from Crabby's or Crow's after regular marina hours.   
$85/week: Must be arranged with Marina Office and paid in full prior to usage. Marina office will assign dock.
Monthly:  $340/month:
Must be arranged with Marina Office and paid in full prior to usage.  Marina office will assign dock.

Inside Rack Rates: May 1, 2018 - April 30, 2019
(cold storage rack)

Small Rack: $1850
Medium Rack: $2000
Large Rack: $2100
Summer Only Rack: $1700
Jet Ski, Jet Boat and Rafts: $750
Jet Ski, Jet Boat and Rafts (summer only): $500

Rack Customers for Medium and Large Racks that will be in Building B - Racks 118-173:
****This is a HEATED STORAGE Building.  Medium Racks: $2800, Large Racks: $2900
Rates include launching and haul out, in-water dockage area, water and electricity, work rack, restrooms and showers.
(plus tax)

Summer Storage Only
Boats dry docked - meaning STORED INSIDE A BUILDING. No movement of the boat unless it's by the customer. 
from May 1 - October 31, 2018
Up to 25':  $625
26-29':  $725
30-39':  $1170
40' & Up:  $1600
(plus tax)

Trailer Storage
April 1 - September 31, 2018

Outside Storage: $50.00
Inside Storage: $100.00
Year-round outside storage: $100.  Year-round inside storage: $200
(plus tax)
***please note that inside trailer storage during the winter months is limited.  

Winter Storage 2017-2018 

(pricing is per square foot plus tax)

$2.80 per square foot ***Cold Storage does require your boat to be winterized.
Inside Heated: $5.80 per square foot ***remember, winterization is not required when you choose heated storage
Outside: $1.95 per square foot ***contact us for shrink wrap pricing

HEATED STORAGE: Heated storage is going fast. Please call the office and reserve your space today. $400 deposit required.

Pressure Wash:  All boats that are stored in our buildings require a pressure wash before storage. $2/ft. + tax. (this does not include rack boats)

Hoist Service: $2/ft. +tax (one way) (hoist is included for all of our storage customers)
Transport Service: $180 + tax (one way) (transport is included for all of our storage customers)

Winterization:  Winterization prices will be published in August. Winterization is necessary for boats stored outside or in a cold storage building.  Part of the winterization pricing includes getting your boat re-commissioned or basically undoing what was done to prepare your boat for winter.

Do you like to launch early? Tell us when you schedule your storage.  Early Spring fishermen need their boats closer to the front of the buildings.  Last in... First out!

Note to Cold Storage Customers: 

It is very important "button-up" your boat for winter. This means... removing food and beverages from your boat and sealing off any spaces that could be invaded by cold critters. Cover up areas you want to stay clean. Your boat sits from October - April in a building. Close doors and hatches. Remove valuables.  When you proactively prepare, your Spring Launch will be easier with no surprises. Even if you store in your driveway, these measures are imperative!

Engines, Maintenance, Cosmetic....

Buffing: Schedule the hull buffing early.  The earlier your hull is buffed, the earlier your topsides can be buffed. It's perfectly smart to call in January to get on the schedule. Better yet, schedule it over the winter. Let us know you want your boat buffed when you schedule your winter storage.

Just so you know... if you keep a boat on a regular buffing/cleaning schedule, you save money and your boat looks amazing.  When you let your boat go too long and it oxidizes, it costs more to buff out the oxidation.  Chalky boats = bad.  Shiny boats = good!

Do you have a repair that you have waited to do over the summer and want it completed over the winter months?  It's a perfect time to get work done mechanically or cosmetically so you are Spring Ready!

As with everything in our lives we have to maintain, regular maintenance on your boat saves you thousands in the long run. The largest boat repair bills (besides accidents) are usually a part that was not kept up, which then damages higher-priced parts. Our mechanics often see a part that may have been a $50 repair, jump to hundreds.  Oil changes and gear lube changes can make all the difference.

New for 2017-2018 Winter Storage:
Have Summit Marine shrink-wrap and winterize your boat  - receive free outside storage. 
(client responsible for shrink wrap & winterization charges; boat must be brought to our location by you and boat must be on a trailer)

Please be advised, services such as internet access and cable are amenities. Both services are not in the rack or dock contracts.   New management has updated internet access during the Spring 2016 season to improve service.  We are not charging for these items, therefore, lack of service due to weather, hardware performance issues, etc. are not a "refundable" item.  Thank You.